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Welcome to one of the best minining site

We Offfer

Web Mining

Mine in Background While You Work

Software Mining

Mine With Your GPU,CPU. Earn Big

Publisher Mining

Coming Soon

5% Refferal Commision

Automatic Payout Every Hour

All you need to start mining are these two things:

1. A bitcoin wallet linked to your FaucetHub account. How to link address to faucethub? explained here
2. A Mining software

Note: all your earnings will go to this address. If you want to change it, just input another address.

Access Your Account

Selecting your mining software:

First, download miner which will automatically detect your hardware (CPU or GPU). A dedicated GPU can mine anywhere from 150-1,000 hashes per second, depending on your cards. A processor can mine anywhere from 10-300 hashes a second depending its performance and clock rate. GPU mining is a lot more profitable. Find your estimated hashrate(s) for your parts here. If you do not want to download anything, that is okay too. We offer an in-browser miner. However, you will not get the best hashrate for your processor this way. A dedicated miner will yield the best results.

Universal miner for most devices

Recommended by our service

Download Miner Personal Config

1.5 Multiplicator Activated (Send Two Hashes Get Paid For Three) Only For Software Miners

How to use these miners:

  • Download your preferred miner and our supported configuration file.
  • Unzip the miner and paste/move the provided config file into the folder you extracted the miner in.
  • Run the miner.
  • Enjoy your profits!

Want To Use other Miners?

here is your pool and wallet info! Dont forget to enter your Faucethub Address make sure to set the algorithm to cryptonight v7 and/or the coin to Monero

Web Miner:

Our web miner is similar as the CPU miners listed above, but you can run it in your browser instead. It is easier to use, but its performance is lowered.
Note: the total amount of hashes below is an approximate number. You can see your true amount of hashes submitted on your Account.

Note: Web Miner Not Showing? Please Disable Your Anti-Miners.


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