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Welcome Everyone

I have made this site to make people know my strategy on earning money. This site's main aim is to let people know more of the crypto world and more earning ways together we strong and its my time to let the community know about my strategy.In simple words i have wrote down my everyday routine.

I use bunch of faucets and made a pattern to use them and everything is listed below.

I start my day on internet with music but the intresting part is that i get paid for listening music yes you heard it right i am not kidding Have u guys heard of the site Bitradio it is kind of a faucet where we can listen to music and get paid easy peasy. If you dont like to listen to music no problem you can mute it and do other work in background i keep the tab open and muted the whole day and earn money for nothing :) Join Now

So the music is running in background and you are earning after this i goto Deadsats.com and mine some DOGE or BLK

After checking my faucets i start claiming from the moon faucets they are some best faucets around Here are the moon faucet i do claim from : Moon Bitcoin , Moon Dash, Moon Bitcoin Cash, Moon Doge, Moon Litecoin,

BitFun And Bonus Bitcoin

After Claiming From All Moon Faucets i go on Allcoin It is a faucet which has 19 currencies to claim 11 of them are supported by faucethub. they also have dice and lottry etc but i use this faucet to claim some Verge and Stratis coins Because i like them you can claim any other you want. Join Now


After claiming on Moon Faucets i do claim and play dice and lottery from the most popular site Freebitco.in and Freedoge.co.in

After that i go on to play a little game called Cointiply I mostly just go there to roll faucet and earn coins every hour but i do enjoy the earning games they have.

After Claiming I go to KickAss Traffic This site pays for watching sites it is very simple easy and pays very good

I am also Reviewing Adbtc It is same site like Kickass traffic but they have withdraw limit of 5000 satoshi i dont know if they pay or not but the site looks good i will update this if i get paid.

After on i Mine JSEcoin for two three hours actually it is not earning i will call it as an investment because we can not sell JSE coins yey they are meant to be listed on exchange later in this year so i am trying my luck to earn big it is possible that they turn into scam but i am not losing my money also i see the project is strong so i am giving it a try so Join Now and earn Jse Coins (i am not connected with this service in any kind)
After mining Jsecoins i claim from some multifaucet the multifaucets i do claim except Allcoin Are Freebitcoin, Satoshi Zoneand CoinPot also how can i forget this AutoFaucet Game Starcoin
Checkout our full list of Multifaucets Here

There Is A New Virtual Mining Game this games pays good when u level up and upgrade your Chips Join Febbit

Afterwards i do some posts on Beermoney Forum this is a forum where u earn points to post and can convert points into paypal it is useful if u want to get some stuff done also you can share reflink and earn commision

We will keep this thing updated

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